Saying "Goodbye"

Going to college is an exciting thing, probably the most exciting thing to happen to most 18 year olds out there, but it can also be hard for some people who have had a tight knit group of friends like I had. Goodbye's between friends are never true "good-bye's." 

Today I had lunch with two or my best friends at a restaurant that we've been going to since we were in the 5th grade and got to walk there on our own.  The owner knew our order so she came over to confirm and she asked us about college. Before we left she told us that she hoped we had good memories of her restaurant after our 7 years of going there as a group, and when we thought about it, almost all of our favorite memories started with walking to Westside (the restaurant.)

While we were sitting there we reminisced on the good times we've spent together and how much we've all change, but also how we've stayed the same. There were no tears at this lunch because we know that today was not our last hoo-rah.  

If you're moving or heading off to college don't let the fear of losing your current friends deter you from the wonderful experience of meeting new people and discovering who you are. If your friends are your true friends than distance won't destroy a friendship. Going to college is an amazing opportunity to branch out, and meeting new friends is a huge factor in doing so. 

Just remember: saying Goodbye is not the end of era, it's the beginning of a new chapter.