Busy Week Solutions

Boy has this been the busiest week of my life. With my move-in date for college, and the countdown to my last day of work, quickly approaching (August 29,) my days have been completely packed from beginning to end. The biggest downside of being so busy was that I got too busy to be able to post about how busy I've been!

Yesterday when I realized that I was not going to complete my post in time for my 9pm publishing deadline, I sat down and decided that I needed to get more organized if I was going to survive my final week before college. A couple of weeks ago I bought what I'm calling my supplemental agenda from May Designs during the 40% off site wide sale they were having. This is the third agenda I've bought from them and I fall more in love with them with each new one I receive. As you may know from reading my Time Management post, I already have an academic planner for the year, so you may be wondering why I bought a second. Well, making lists and planning my week keeps me sane. I love organizing my day and visual seeing everything I have to do written out in front of me, so that I can manage my time appropriately. This is why I chose May Design's weekly planner layout for my supplemental agenda. 

This layout is perfect because it gives me a separate section for weekly To-Do's, Errands, and even an,"Oh Can't Forget" section in addition to the weekly breakout. It is absolutely the perfect thin, portable agenda to keep with you during the day to jot things down and to be able to refer to it, unlike my bulky academic planner (which won't leave my backpack.)

If you're having a busy week like me, taking the time to write things down and prioritize can really help you do de-stress and put things in perspective.

And don't forget to check out May Designs if you're still looking for, or need a second, planner.