A Day in the Life [Freshman Year]

Today Rachel, from the Quirky Collegiate, and Mandy, from the Quirky Conservative, and I are sharing what an ordinary day looks like for us. I love reading about peoples schedules and learning about what people I look up to do all day! So without further ado, a day in the life of The College Life Stylist: 

| 8:00-8:30 AM |

I usually wake up around this time everyday without an alarm (sometimes if I know my schedules light I am guilty of sleeping in), but I love to get up a little earlier. You rarely ever get privacy in college, so I take the most that I can get. Since most of the people who live on my floor get up around 11, waking up at 8 allows me some alone time with a book or my Pinterest feed before I have to get going for the day. 

| 9:00 AM | 

If I'm not grabbing a coffee and running to my 9:05 am M/W Econ class, I am using my handy dandy Keurig to brew some hot cocoa and getting ready to work. I usually do blog/business work during the morning, and academic work in the afternoon. I love sitting at my desk in the morning and using the natural light to snap some IG photos ;). 

| 11:00 AM | 

If you're a normal college student this would normally be the time when you would wake up, but for me this is usually when I grab lunch. My local dining hall opens at 11, so I usually make my way over shortly after. Typically I have yogurt with some cheerios and some type of sandwich for lunch. PB and strawberry jelly on toast has been a favorite of mine recently. 

| 1:00 PM | 

Everyday during the week I have a class at 1 or 1:25. The Biology of Social Issues at 1:25 M/W/F; and Calculus 127 at 1:00 T/Th. Calc is hurting my brain though so if any of you know some good tricks don't be afraid to send them my way! 

| 2:30 PM | 

After class I either take the bus into town to grab a coffee and get some work done at Starbucks, or I head to my University's lovely brand new recreation center. I have actually enjoyed going to the gym recently (I know weird, right?) It's nice having a routine, going with a friend, and it helps me feel a little more productive during the day. Plus the smoothie bar on the first floor is always a good incentive. 

| 4:00 pm | 

If I don't have a class (everyday but Monday), then I use this time to run errands: grocery store, picking up a prescription, getting some laundry done, etc. And now that it's light outside after four it makes my errands so much more enjoyable. 

| 6:00 - 9:00PM |

This is club meeting central time! I'm in two clubs that meet back to back during these times. So at six I stock my purse up with snacks, grab a sandwich from a campus coffee shop, and head off to my meetings. 

Being on the executive board of both of the clubs I'm involved in has been so fun, but it's a lot of work! It's work I love though so I don't mind it. 

| 10:00 PM |

If I'm not completely exhausted at this point I'll finish up an assignment and order some food (usually wings). Then begin my nightly routine of showering, moisturizing, teeth brushing and putting my retainer in (because I'm a nerd who loves wearing her retainer). 

My routine is pretty dull, but hey I'm only a college student! When I have an office I'm sure my routine will be ways more exciting! 

What are your routines like? 



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