Working While in College

Working in college is inevitable. No matter how much money you come from you will most likely have to work at some point during your time at college. What I'm talking about is not a summer job, and it's not an internship. I'm talking about having a standard, hourly wage paying job, during your semesters at college. 

When looking, or thinking about, working in college you need to consider your academics. School always comes first, and you may be nervous about having a job while in school; but what you'll soon find out is life is really expensive. Having a job will not only help supplement your love for raspberries or getting your nails done (my two favorite expensive things), it will also allow you to have an outlet, a time when you don't to focus on school, or friends. A time where you can just do some mindless work and focus on yourself. 

how many hours a week should I work? 

Figuring out how much time you'll have is the hardest part in looking for a college job. If you're already in college it's easy. You know your work load and you know your schedule, so finding a job to fit into that schedule isn't too hard. But if you're not in school yet it takes a lot more work. 

You have to consider how many classes you'll be taking, what activities you want to join, if you're doing any sports, if you're going to join a sorority or not, etc. All of these things take up time. Taking your first semester off from work is the best idea. Work through summer, save your money, and use your first semester to gauge how many hours a week you'll be able to put into a job. But keep in mind, your academics will only get harder. 

After looking at my schedule for my sophomore year, as well as the work I do for the club I am in, I have figured out that I have about 10-15 hours a week that I can work. This is when figuring that I have about 10 hours of homework a week, about 8 hours of class, about 3 hours of club work, and about 10 hours of free time. This means that I have a 30-35 hour work week, which is not unreasonable. 

On campus job postings will usually tell you how many hours a week each specific job entails. This can help you narrow down the search.

Do i have to work on-campus?

Working on campus is the easiest way to have a job while in college.  Most off campus jobs require you to have a car, and to have more flexible hours between 9am and 5pm.  If this isn't a problem for you than an off campus job is very much an option.  

On campus jobs are made for students.  These jobs typically have a limit to how many hours you can work a week, while working around your class and club schedule.  And, if your college is like mine, they pay a little bit higher than most off-campus minimum wage jobs. 

And if an on-campus, or off-campus, job isn't what you pictured, try looking for online remote work, like social media management. Finding digital (paid) internships, or other remote work, can be a great resume builder and financial opportunity for underclassman students! 

Have you had any experience working while in school?



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