Best Site for Business Cards

As an incoming college freshman I've kept myself busy this summer by delving into the world of my future career in marketing online through my blog and social media accounts. I then realized that I didn't have to wait for a degree to start interning or working with marketing, and I found myself with multiple opportunities to work in my field. One thing I learned during my high school internship was that first impressions matter, and presentation is everything (read more about my high school internship here.) So I decided I wanted to get some business cards made. I wanted to design them myself, use my website logo, and I didn't want to pay a lot for them. 

Ads for Vista Print were all over my Gmail, so I looked there first, but I was very disappointed. For $20.00 I could get basically a white piece of paper cut into business cards with my name on it, anything extra cost more money. Thats when I found Moo! is an amazing website that allows you to use your own design, or design your own using their simple software, use multiple pictures (in color), use your own logo, and write on the front and back of the card for no extra cost! They allowed me to get exactly what I wanted, for the price I wanted.

Here are my new business cards:

But they don't just sell business cards! They have practically anything a business would need (paper good wise) and it can all be customizable. They even have a blog and a small business start up kit to help people who are thinking about starting their own business. If you have a small business, or just a blog like me and your thinking about business cards definitely check out

After getting mine in the mail I realized my phone number and personal email address were on them, and I didn't want everyone having that information; so I ordered square cards that just have my social media handles and Instagram pictures on them. I'll be able to leave these cards around to get my word out without worrying about my phone blowing up.

This is what those will look like:

Another amazing thing about Moo is that you can upload up to 50 photos per order, so not all of your cards have to look exactly the same. If your a blogger like me, and want to promote your Instagram account, using the square cards and posting your insta-photos on to them is an amazing way to advertise: just leave a card wherever you go. 

If you've used Moo, how was your experience?