Fall Favorites: Nail Polish

Summer's winding down which means my favorite season is upon us: fall! As a countdown to my favorite season I'll be doing multiple posts of my Fall Favorites. The first thing I do when the Autumn chill settles in is change my nail polish, so I'm going to start off Fall Favorites with my Top Polish Picks for Fall.  

When I think of Fall I think of warm, cozy, and dark. These following six Essie polishes are my absolute go to's in the fall. Every girl needs a toned down blue, a more maroon red, an olive green, a black, a beige and a magenta if you're feeling fun. Essie is my favorite brand, but as long as you nail down the muted, darker color scheme, your nails would look fall-ready no matter what brand you use. 

Starting from the top left the Essie names are:

  • Style Cartel
  • Shearling Darling
  • Fall in Line 
  • Licorice
  • Chocolate Cakes
  • Bahama Mama

Check out my Polyvore for more information on where to get these awesome fall picks.