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Day Designer Discount Code!

You know of my great love for the Day Designer, and maybe have developed one for yourself, you'll understand the importance of what I'm about to say - are you ready? Day Designer reached out to me to give you guys a DISCOUNT CODE for their Midyear planners!! (I currently use their Midyear planner!) 

How to Make a Google Sheet Syllabus

The first week of every semester is simultaneously the easiest and most stressful week of the semester for me every year. Even though no actual assignments are due, and your only real responsibility is to decide if you like your classes or not, you're also handed 4, 5 or 6 syllabi outlining your life for the next 16 weeks. 

Free Weekly Printables

This semester is flying by!! I only have 5 more academic weeks left until finals and am completely stressed to the max. Whenever life gets hectic, my planner suffers. I am someone who hates to mess up the way they organize their planner, but in these next few weeks I just have SO much more stuff I need to do! 

If I've learned one thing this past year in college it's that planning ahead is everything.  I am not taking any summer classes, but this summer I will be studying - a lot.  In high school getting A's came easy to me; I didn't have to do much work, and I always seemed to grasp concepts easily.  But college is a whole other ball game. 

Lately I have been so distracted. Mid-terms have taken over my life and it's caused my day planner to become lonely. I started feeling really stressed out, even after my exams were over, and I didn't know why; until I looked over and saw my Day Designer sitting all by it's lonesome on the top shelf of my desk.  I sat down and had a much needed date with my planner last Saturday, and I've felt so much better ever since.