Packing for College

Packing for College

Tomorrow I will be moving into my first college dorm room, so this past week has been nothing but packing. Throughout my week long excursion I've developed a set of techniques to ensure that no matter how much stuff you want to bring (cause let's be honest, we girls like to pack... a lot,) it will all fit in your car. 

At my school, UMass Amherst, you're only allowed to bring one car full of stuff on move-in day as a freshman, so it's imperative that everything fit in the car. Here are some of the best tools you can use when pack for college:

Collapsible Boxes

These can be picked up at your neighborhood Target or Walmart. Their easy to pack, and space saving for the dorm; however, if you will be using a smaller car they are not the best choice because they their shape doesn't change. 

Space Bags

Space bags are my favorite things when I'm packing. You can fit all of your clothes, linens, and pillows into 3 square feet of space, instead of having them take up your whole car. If you're planning on bringing any accessories (such as a trunk) you can easily fit everything you spaced-bagged within them to save further space in your car. 

A Trunk

Not only is this the perfect dorm storage/decor it's also amazing for packing awkwardly shaped items like shoes and a Keuirg (the two things I packed in mine.) It's also perfect for storing the things that you wouldn't want stolen while you're not in your room: just lock it with a padlock before you go.

Later this week I will be posting my Ultimate Guide to College Packing which will be a PDF of everything I think a girl REALLY needs to bring to college. 

Stay Posted!



P.S. I'm so sorry about the late posting this week. I promise once I settle into college it will all be consistent again!

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