Move-In Day

Today I packed up my family's SUV with more stuff than I probably need and made my way to UMass Amherst! The day did not go as planned, especially since me and my roommate moved in at the exact same time, but it was an amazing experience none the less. 

Since the elevators get jammed when everyone's trying to move in at the same time, I had to move all of my stuff to the second floor by hand. It wasn't that hard for me (thanks to some good pack: click here for some tips), but I want to make an addition to my Tips for Packing post. To fit everything in my car I packed lots of little things in zippered or zip-lock bags, then I filled containers that I would be using in my dorm with all of the little bags. Having these few large containers holding a majority of my stuff was super convenient when unloading my car. 

Unpacking actually went pretty quickly for me. By packing things together that I new I wanted to keep together in my dorm made it easy to unpack and organize. For example I packed all my linens (sheets, towels, blankets) in my laundry basket from Dormify, and all my shoes in my trunk. 

My biggest tip for anyone on their first move-in day, especially if you're a little Type-A like me when it comes to unpacking, is to be patient. It's not the end of the world if you can't get every single picture you want hung before you go to bed. You don't realize how tired or hungry you are until you take a little break. It's ok to take a few days to get settled. Another huge thing is keep your door open! You'll meet so many people,, you may not remember their names, but it's still a good way to get out of your shell.

Overall, just don't let the stress of moving in take over. Enjoy it and go with the flow! If you wanna see my completed dorm, check out my Instagram (@thecollegelifestylist) this week! I'll be uploading different parts of my room throughout the week as I finish up different sections.