Staying True to Yourself in College

I am not a partier. If anything I am the most boring college student that's ever existed. I love mornings, hot cocoa makes me more excited than alcohol, and staying in and catching up on a new Netflix series sounds a lot more appealing to me than going out and watching a bunch of people drink and listen to crappy music. It's been hard the first couple of days in college, with new people, to remain true to myself and what I like to do because most people I've met so far don't have the same interests that I do. But succumbing to the inevitable peer pressure you'll feel (if you're like me) is not the way to go to meet friends. 

I was so nervous about telling my roommate that I like being sober because I thought she would judge me, but actually she was fine with it. College is a time to meat true friends. Friends who like you for you, and surrounding yourself with people who only like you because you're lying about yourself is not the way to get them. This isn't only true for when you're in college: finding friends with similar interests and who like you for you can make high school life so much easier. 

Knowing who you are and your limits can be hard in high school, you're just then discovering who you are, and sometimes you're still trying to figure it out in college. But if you feel in your gut that a situation is not something you want to be in, then you need to remain true to that. Listen to yourself, it's the most important thing you can do for both keeping a sane state of mind and for your safety.