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I love books. I don't have as much time to read in college as I'd like, but I couldn't live in my dorm without a few (15) books. I keep most of my books in a basket in the bottom of my bookshelf, but I keep my favorite eight on the top shelf (along with my stack of Vogue)

| College Guides | 

I have three books to help me survive dorm living: UChic, UChic's Guide to Your Freshman Year, and the Dorm Room Diet. 

I read all three of these book my senior year of high school, but I use them now mostly as reference guides. UChic's books are amazingly helpful for any senior nervous about college or anyone transferring from community college to a four-year university. They cover almost every topic you'd need and it's written like you're having a conversation with the author. 

And the Dorm Room Diet is like a bible for any girl hoping to get healthy. This book is not a guide to losing weight. It is a lifestyle change guide. I used to drink a lot of soda and eat a lot of junk. I'm obviously still guilty of the junk food, but after reading this book last year I went on a major health change. The book teaches you about the foods your already eating instead of just telling you what to eat or what not to eat. Once you have the knowledge about the foods, you can more easily make the best decisions for your body. Plus the book comes with some great recipes you can actually make in your dorm! 

| Childhood Memories | 

My mom just had a little baby girl last month (aw) and during the book themed baby shower she gave my brother and I each a book we used to love when we were younger. Mine was a book of Shell Silverstein's poems. I used to read this books cover to cover, and I still have some of these poems memorized. I remember in my childhood copy the binding of the book was bent where my favorite poems were because I kept I would keep it open for hours, reading and re-reading them. 

Every time I look over to my bookshelf and see this book it makes me smile. It makes me remember when I was younger, and if I'm really stressed I'll read "Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out" or "Sick" and it'll help me relax. 

| For Fun | 

I love the Sex and the City TV show and movies. So when I found the actual book I was so excited. If you follow the show the book is a compilation of all of Carrie's columns for the newspaper she writes for, "The Star".  If I'm really in a reading mood, but I know I don't have a ton of time, I'll sit down and read one of the columns. It's a nice book to be able to just pick up and put down when you have time. 

Over winter break I bought a book at Target called A Gift to Remember.  I wanted to read it during the holidays, but time got away from me. Now it sits on my shelf staring at me until I read it. I kept it on top instead on in a basket so I'm reminded that I need to read this semester. 

| For Business | 

#GIRLBOSS obviously. If you don't have this on your bookshelf then you need to... immediately. Read my article over at HelloFlo to learn more about why I love this book! 

I love having real physical books around, and I love reading them. Yes my iPad makes it easy to read on the go, but there's something about having an actual book in your hand that makes you really connect with the story more. 

What do you have on your bookshelf? 



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