Getting the Most Out of Accepted Students Day

Your senior year of high school is filled with college applications, touring schools, and maybe some rejections. But the best thing that happens during senior year is opening your mailbox to big envelopes of acceptance letters! 

Somewhere in your acceptance package is the date of the schools Accepted Students Day. If you've been accepted to your dream school then ASD is just another reason to visit your dream school. But for most people the most stressful time of senior year is deciding on one school. 

If you've been accepted to several schools that you know you'd be happy attending, and you only have until May 1 to decide, then accepted students day can help make the decision a little bit easier. Accepted students day goes into more depth than open houses and tours can simply because it's a whole day long. And since you've already been accepted they don't have to spend time telling you about the application process. The whole day is dedicated to learning what makes that school unique, and how you'd fit in there. 

UMass Amherst was not my first choice school. In fact, since my parents went here it was my last choice. But after going to the schools accepted students day as well as the separately hosted business school's ASD, I knew this was the school for me. But an accepted students day will only help you decide if you make the most of it. 

Just sitting in the lectures and looking at posters is not going to give you insight into the school. Here are my tips for making sure your accepted students day helps you: 

| Review the Schedule Beforehand | 

You'll almost always get an email, or a letter with a schedule for the day. This will include what different seminars will be going on, any club fairs, and tour groups. If you've already been on a tour then I'd skip them, there are so many other things that can help you learn more about the school then another tour. 

When you're looking at the schedule make a plan of which seminars you are going to go to, and make it a priority to go to any club fairs. Once you know which seminars you're going to go to, write down any questions you have. If they don't get answered during the program, ask them afterward! People love to answer your questions at days like this. 

| Talk to the Students |

Students usually run most of the activities on accepted students days. But there most present, and very approachable, at the club fairs. Go up to any club that seems to interest you and ask the students questions. It doesn't have to be about the club, the students can answer any questions you have about what residential life is really like. This can help you get a feel for what the school is like socially. The social aspect of the school is huge. Some people don't think about it when making a decision and end up wanting to transfer. Make sure you think you would be comfortable there socially before you make a decision. 

| Explore the Campus on Your Own | 

When I went to accepted students day with my mom and grandmother, after our last seminar we walked around and found the rec center. I remember walking in there during a tour, but we only ever just walked in the front door and back out again. My grandma suggested we tour the entire gym, but I didn't think that was possible. Until one of the students working there overheard us and offered to give us a full tour! 

If you remember seeing something on a tour, like the library or gym, that you didn't get to really look at, then walk around to it. You get to explore the campus and may get an extended tour! 

My biggest piece of advice is put yourself out there! If you don't you'll never get the most out of your experience and you may miss out on something amazing! 



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