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2017 Back to College Packing List

This list is specifically for moving into a dorm, but the basics apply for an apartment or house as well. And keep in mind going through this list that these are the basics you will need in a dorm, and a few things I've found helpful; there will be other things you may decide you need or want. Use the note pages on the PDF print-out to your advantage! Write down anything extra you think you'll need, make a list of clothing you think you'll need to pack, or even anything you already have! 

Dorm Tour: Bedroom

I finally moved into my junior year apartment this past Thursday and it's been so crazy/weird! I am so not used to the level of adulting I've done this weekend. I've gone grocery shopping 3 times [oh my gosh groceries are expensive], I've cooked 5 meals not counting frozen ones, and I bought a rug at a tag sale for $8 and it felt like a victory. 

The one college necessity that I love to shop for is sheets! They're the backdrop of many Instagram posts, they're the pop of color and pattern in my dorm, and they honestly just make me happy. But as soon as I'm at school it's almost impossible for me to find these sheets anywhere. So I've found five adorable sheet sets made just for Twin XL!

How to Shop for Your Dorm Using Joy

I recently was scrolling through the Cosmo snap story, like I do every morning, and stopped when I read: "I Threw Out Every Item I Owned That I Didn't Truly Love." I am a low-key hoarder. I still have agendas from middle school and binders from every class I've ever taken in high school. My mom literally has boxes of my old stuff that I won't throw away in her attic. So when I read an article about throwing most of someones personal items away, I had to read why. 

Surviving Second Semester

I officially moved back into my dorm this past Monday night and classes started bright and early Tuesday morning!  This semester is Go-Time. Fall semester was a very emotional, stressful, and eye-opening semester for me; I didn’t have as much time for blogging as I would of liked, and it left me with a lot of things that I need to consider. But the biggest thing fall semester left me with was the absolute need to kill it this semester!

I LOVE crafting. I'm obsessed.  I could sit in my room painting things and pouring glitter until my hands turned numb.  The problem with doing this in the 10ft x 8 ft dorm room is that theres not too much space to glitter as my heart desires. 

I love books. I don't have as much time to read in college as I'd like, but I couldn't live in my dorm without a few (15) books. I keep most of my books in a basket in the bottom of my bookshelf, but I keep my favorite eight on the top shelf (along with my stack of Vogue)