Dorm DIYs

I LOVE crafting. I'm obsessed.  I could sit in my room painting things and pouring glitter until my hands turned numb.  The problem with doing this in the 10ft x 8 ft dorm room is that theres not too much space to glitter as my heart desires. 

But with the help of $30 and some brown paper bags from the grocery store, I got to make the cutest, UMass inspired, wall hanging. 

What I Used: 

  • 5 Wooden Letters from the Target Craft Section;
  • A 2oz bottle of white, satin, paint;
  • A 2oz bottle of gold, glitter, top coat paint; 
  • A foam brush 
  • A brown paper bag 
  • 1 packet of Command velcro strips 

I cleared off my desk, unfolded the brown paper bag, and laid it out on the top of my desk.  I painted two coats of the white paint onto each of the front sides of the letters.  I suggest not painting the backs of any crafts for your dorm because if the paint scratches your dorm wall you could get charged for it. While the top coat was still slightly wet I painted the top glitter coat.  

2015-10-19 20.37.32.jpg

You can't see the glitter visibly until light shines on them.  During the day when the sun hits the letters they sparkle; and at night when I have my strung lights on they glow.  And the white backdrop makes them fit perfectly into my minimalistic, chic, dorm. 

Have you done any Dorm DIYs lately? 



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