Twin XL Sheets

July is almost over: aka I'm crying, and it's almost time to move back into school!! 

This is arguably my favorite and least favorite time of the year. I love getting all my supplies and last minute necessities ready for school, but I also start realizing how much I'm going to miss summer. 

The one college necessity that I love to shop for is sheets! They're the backdrop of many Instagram posts, they're the pop of color and pattern in my dorm, and they honestly just make me happy. But as soon as I'm at school it's almost impossible for me to find these sheets anywhere. It's like as soon as all the college kids are back, they stop making them until next August. So I always stock up. 

I love having a neutral white bedspread that goes with all my crazy different sheet sets, and this year I think I've hit the max. 

Here are some set's I've been eyeing, and one I've already purchased: 

| Chambray Dot Sheet Set - $25 |

Are you heading to college this fall? When do you move in?



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2 Year Blogging Anniversary!

2 Year Blogging Anniversary!