2 Year Blogging Anniversary!

2 Year Blogging Anniversary!

It's July 19th! This day is special to me because it's my dad's birthday (#happybdaydad #39andcounting) and it's my blog's birthday! 

Two years ago today I sat down, bought a domain, wrote 10 blog posts, took really bad pictures at night, and The College Life Stylist was born. Over those two years it's grown and changed with me; evolving as I have through college and life. 

| Original Logo |

| New Branding | 

When I started this blog I had no Idea where it would take me. I had no idea that almost every real life job I would get would be because of this blog, and that so many opportunities came from the blogging community. 

I had no idea how many friends I would make, and how sitting at my computer drafting blog posts would become something I looked forward to more than so many other things I had once loved in my life. 

I'm no where near where I want to be with my blog, but I've come so far. If Youtube will ever cooperate (aka if I can figure it out) I'll have two videos uploading to my new channel today!  I hope to start filming and vlogging as a way to connect more with this amazing community!

| 2 Year Blog Goals | 

Two years ago when I started this blog, I was starting a new chapter in my life: college. And now thinking about what I want my blog to be like in two years initially it doesn't seem like too long of a time frame until I realize that I'll be a college graduate 2 years from today. 

Over the next two years as I get ready to become a full-on adult (omg someone help me) I want my blog to resemble that. 

goal #1: step up my photography game. 

I have a brand new DSLR camera that I barely use, and I take almost all my photos in my dimly lit room after work. I KNOW BETTER THAN THIS! It's time for me to step it up, and find some photographer friends to help me out with some new headshots and outfits pics for the blog (calling all Amherst photographers willing to work for freeee)

goal #2: finish adding categories and tags to my old blog posts

Being organized will change my life. 

goal #3: update the pictures in my old blogposts

My favorite part about my favorite blogs is the photos, so once I find a new photographer friend I can't wait to go back and update all my old posts. 

goal #4: post regularly all year round

I get so busy, and forget that I haven't posted in a week, two weeks or even a month during the school year! Blogging is what I love to do, and this year I'm making it a priority in my calendar to schedule at least an hour a day to sit down and do SOMETHING for my blog [sanity]. 

I don't know where I'll be in two years, but one things for sure, I know I'll be blogging! 

Thank you to everyone who's ever read a post, and anyone who's been reading my site since 2014! I love each and every one of you!



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