How I Edit My Instagram Photos

My Instagram account has become my baby.  I could spend hours photographing, editing and thinking about pictures for my Instagram feed.  But working two jobs, running a blog and trying to have some form of social life and fitness routine don't really leave that kind of time for photo editing. 

Screenshot 2015-07-22 14.54.30.png

I've tried every editing app from Snapped to Photoshop, and I've narrowed it down to two apps: Facetune and VSCOcam. 

| Facetune | 

I first discovered Facetune when I was fifteen and had a face full of acne.  Facetune is like photoshop, but really cheap, and really easy to use.  I downloaded it to get rid of the pimples on my face, shed a pound or two and give my photos high quality appearance.  This is the complete opposite of what I use it for in my blog photos.    

Facetune has a really amazing teeth whitener editing tool that I use on almost every single one of my photos.  It doesn't just make whites whiter, but it brightens colors that can be dulled by interior light or photo angle. 

Before Facetune Whitening 

Before Facetune Whitening 

After Facetune Whitening 

After Facetune Whitening 

2015-07-13 09.06.34-3.jpg

It's a subtle but incredible difference.  Having the picture be lighter and brighter allows the contrast to show more clearly when I boost the brightness and contrast in the actual Instagram App. 

| VSCOcam |

I don't use VSCOcam for any actual Instagram editing.  Shocking right? Instead I use it for post planning.  The "library" feature on VSCOcam allows you to lay out your photos in a 3x4 grid just like it would appear on your Instagram profile.  This way I can see if the picture I want to post fits in with the aesthetic I want people to feel when they view my profile. 

Preplanning my feed has helped me gain focus on my goals for my Instagram instead of posting the first thing that comes into my camera roll. 

  Have you used either of these apps before? What was your experience with them? 



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