What it's Like to Date a Blogger {Guest Post}

A very special person is guest posting on my site today, my boyfriend, Sam!  After months of watching me write post after post on this site he finally got the blogging bug.  Here is his complete unedited version of what it's like to date a blogger: 

I’ve been dating Alex for roughly two years now and it’s been an amazing experience to watch and grow with her.  During our senior year of high school I vividly remember Alex feeling uneasy about a blog. Although she was dying to get her ideas and feelings out beyond her Tumblr, she wasn’t very confident in starting a blog. She continuously worried about how people would perceive her, if her content was interesting, and if anyone would even read her blog. After several months of deliberation, she finally decided to start a blog. Alex’s blogging has opened my eyes to how hard it can really be to write posts. There have been several times where we have sat and discussed topics for hours, usually resulting in an “I’ve already done that” or “No, that won’t work”.
    Despite hating being on her phone, Alex constantly checks her blog, page views, and number of subscribers (I guarantee she doesn’t want you to know that). There are several times in which Alex and I will be on a date and I’ll see her quickly scramble to check her stats in an attempt to hide it from me, but she’s not very good at being discreet. I’ve come over to find her asleep with her blog open on her phone and her computer (Yes, at the same time). And believe me I’ve gotten my fair share of backlash for not always keeping up with her blog. To say Alex takes blogging seriously is a drastic understatement. I saw a blog as simple and fun way to share ideas and thoughts. I never knew it needed so much work! Although it may seem excessive at times to me, it makes her happy and that’s all that matters. To see someone you care about be so passionate about anything is really moving.
    Although it took me a while to understand, I think blogging has made Alex a lot more confident and outspoken. I believe blogging has made her plan and balance time better. Although I may not see the dire need to fix a typo or the use of having certain colors not blend on a blog post, Alex really is incredibly passionate about blogging and everyone that reads her blog, and it's honestly amazing to see!

Thank you sam for writing your post! Hopefully there will be more ;) xoxo

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