Blogging Anniversary

It's my blogs first birthday!! This year has been absolutely amazing.  I cannot believe how many opportunities blogging has brought me.  The blogging community is so supportive and helpful and I am so honored to be included.  In this first year i've had over 115,000 pages views!  That may not be a lot to some people but to me thats absolutely incredible! Thank you to everyone who has ever clocked, read, liked, or commented on anything, you make me so excited to do this everyday. 

This one year milestone has made me rethink my site.  I used to be so focused on posting something everyday, that I gave up quality content posts.  Then I became so focused on quality that I wasn't posting enough and had to do fluff posts. 

I've decided that this year I will be focusing on you, my lovely readers.  This blog is for you as much as it's for me.  I'm only going to be writing high quality posts that you actually want to read! 

To help me prepare for this update I would love if you guys could let me know what you look forward to reading the most on here.  Is it about academics, college life, health, style, etc.  Or what has been your favorite post of mine.  

Feel free to comment on this post or my latest Instagram what you're looking for from The College Life Stylist! 



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