Why I Unfollowed Over 100 People, and Why You Should Too

I love social media.  I love it!  It's the reason I chose my major (marketing) to begin with.  I love learning new things and seeing statistics grow.  And I love the community you can build within your own niche. 

But recently going on to any of my social media sites have felt like a chore.  I chucked it up to just being stuck in a rut, or the fact that theres not too many exciting things happening.  But then I also noticed that not only were my stats not going up, they were going down! I was losing followers. 


I'm a big believer in quality over quantity.  So having fewer followers isn't necessarily a bad thing if the people who unfollowed me weren't in my target audience, or weren't interested in what I had to say.  But the problem was I was loosing followers from that target audience. My lack of motivation to use social media had lead to me loosing some of my greatest assets. 

I knew I had to do something, so I open twitter and was scrolling through my feed when I realized almost everyone I was following was tweeting about something I couldn't care less about.  Then I started noticing this on Instagram, and Facebook, and even my Tumblr (which I had rarely been using). 

I decided to spend the last week of my life reevaluating every one of my social media sites.  I went through my following list and unfollowed any dead accounts (hadn't been active in over a month), and accounts that I personally didn't have an interest in, and any brands or stores I knew I was never going to buy anything from because I'm poor and their clothes aren't that cute. 

After doing this for each one of my accounts, and unlocking every page  became a fan of when I was 13, I started feeling Inspired!  I wanted to tweet, I wanted to Instagram; I even created a brand new tumblr page for all my favorite insta's and posts where people can ask me questions without having to email me. 

After completely overhauling my social media I became more involved with my digital community, and more interactive with the people I follow as well as just in general.  And you know what? It's been three days and I've already been gaining, rather than losing, followers. Quality followers who would actually benefit from my posts and who I could mutually benefit from. Being genuine, social and interactive on social media will lead to organic follower growth. And following fewer people who inspire you, rather than a lot of accounts you don't really like, will help you become more interactive naturally. 

Not only has it helped with follower growth, but I just feel so much more productive now, it's like clearing out your inbox: you feel like a new person!

Fall in love with your social media again! If you decide to do this let me know if you can see any growth!


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