Creating an Instagram Aesthetic

Creating an Instagram Aesthetic

One of the most requested posts I've gotten is about how I create my Instagram aesthetic. It makes my heart warm that you guys love my Instagram, but rather than teach you how to get mine, I'm going to show you how I edit my photos and how you can develop your own aesthetic. 


The worst mistake people make when they try to make a cohesive instagram is they look at someone else's account and decide they want theirs to look like that. It's great to follow accounts for inspiration, and have a specific style you love or even people you love, but you cannot go into building your instagram with the mindset that it's going to look like someone elses. 

Everybody lives different lives and sees the world differently. Your aesthetic should reflect your life, what surrounds it, and how you percieve it. 

The best accounts [in my opinion] are those where you really get to know the person you're following. Let people get to know the real you, both in how you take your photos, what you take them of, and how you edit them. In other words, develop your own style, you're own stamp. 


I describe the style of my photos as cluttered minimalism. Certain parts of my life are very type A, while the rest of it is incrediby disorganized, and I feel like my photos represent that. I take 99% of my photos using my iPhone 7 (purchased in Dec. 2016 for reference) and the other 1% are taken using my DSLR. 

I start editing every photo in Facetune. I use facetune to take out unecessary yellow tones in my photo using the 'whitening' tool and I literally rub it over every pixel in the photo, unless there's coffee or anything that would call for it. Then I move the photo into VSCO Cam. 

I use VSCO to both plan out my feed and edit. I use the A6 filter as well as aditional edits. I almost always use the maximum for the filter, then once its applied I will go in and up the brightness, up the contrast, up the saturation and reduce the temperature or warmth of the photo. Once I feel like it fits in with my feed I will usually post it right away, but sometimes I'll have a few ready at once and I'll wait. 

2017-06-10 12.24.40.jpg



I personally like my photos a little overexposed, and later on I look back and realize that sometimes I may have upped the brightness too much or not enough on a photo, but thats what's helpful about using VSCO to plan first. 

My biggest piece of advice for building your instagram is take photos that inspire you. You'll never be bored of your feed, and you'll gain relevant, active followers that truly identify with you!

Leave links to your accounts below! I'd love to check them out!



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