What's in my beach bag

Two weeks ago I received the cutest beach bag from Marleylilly!  I'm the kind of person that brings everything she owns to the beach, and I was worried this bag wasn't going to be able to fit all of my stuff, but it was huge

It had two large side pockets on the inside (big enough to fit my magazine), and the inside was all easily washable incase my water spilled. 

So what did I put in this amazingly large Marleylilly beach bag? 

Whats in my beach bag

| Chambray Shirt | 

I own 5 chambray shirts because they're just so versatile.  I always bring a button up chambray to the beach because i can throw it over my suit to walk down the shore, or use it to dress up my post-beach outfit. (My favorite on is from j.crew.)

| Headphones | 

Laying out if the sun is relaxing and nice, but it gets boring.  I use my headphones to listen to a podcast or my favorite playlist of the week. 

| A Baseball Hat | 

As much as I love the look of a big floppy sunhat, it just doesn't work for me.  Baseball hats are great for keeping the sun out of your eyes, and giving you that sporty-chic look. 

| Tortoiseshell Sunglasses | 

Tortiseshell is basically a neutral right?  I wear my Lucky Brand tortoiseshell sunglasses every wear, and almost everyday. 

| Spray-on Sunblock | 

This is a must, especially after I got incredibly sunburnt during my last beach trip.  There's nothing worse then feeling like a piece of crisp bacon for a week after leaving the beach.  Plus using sunscreen, and taking care of your skin, will help prevent wrinkles, sunspots, and skin cancer! 

| Stuff to Read | 

I always bring a novel and a magazine to the beach.  This week I brought Dirty Rush and the latest Cosmo! 

| A Fun Towel and a Towel Mat | 

I use a towel mat (that I found at TJ Maxx) that has a pillow then I put my towel over it.  It makes the sand a little softer but also helps keep sand off my real towel incase I go in the water and need it later. 

A Dunkins iced coffee, Boom Chica Pop kettle corn, and bottles of water are also some of my beach day staples! 

What do you bring to the beach?



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