Packing List for Disney

I officially leave for Disney World in Orlando, FL 7 days from today, and I couldn't be more excited! 

My family and family friends are driving down in a 12 person van (someone help us) from Massachusetts down the east coast, stopping along the way in different states, until we hit Kissimmee, FL where we're staying for the week; then my boyfriend and I will be flying back.

Every time I go to Florida it's weather shock. I'm so used to the nice 70-85 degree temps in Massachusetts that mentally preparing for the heat, and finding clothes that I won't die in, is the worst. Normally I would attempt to pack a cute outfit for dinner or something, but this year we're renting a house and cooking most of our meals there so I only have to worry about packing for the parks! 

| Disney World Essentials | 

Comfort is key, especially when you're not used to the heat! Athletic shorts, oversized tees, sunglasses, baseball hats and sneakers/sandals are essential! 

Packable backpacks, or even backpacks with coolers in them (I found one at TJMaxx), are great for carrying snacks or other personal belongings around the park! Plus if you find a packable version they easily fit in your carryon or suitcase when you're traveling there. 

And finally for Florida in the summer, you need to have water with you! Disney now has Hydration Stations around the park to allow people to fill up their reusable water bottles (yay earth!) I highly recommend getting a S'Well bottle, or any kind of stainless steel bottle, because they can guarantee that your water will be cool for up to 24 hours - this is perfect for when you plan on hiding in Magic Kingdom until they kick you out. 

What's your go-to summer Disney outfit?