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2017 Back to College Packing List

This list is specifically for moving into a dorm, but the basics apply for an apartment or house as well. And keep in mind going through this list that these are the basics you will need in a dorm, and a few things I've found helpful; there will be other things you may decide you need or want. Use the note pages on the PDF print-out to your advantage! Write down anything extra you think you'll need, make a list of clothing you think you'll need to pack, or even anything you already have! 

Packing List for Disney

Every time I go to Florida it's weather shock. I'm so used to the nice 70-85 degree temps in Massachusetts that mentally preparing for the heat, and finding clothes that I won't die in, is the worst. Normally I would attempt to pack a cute outfit for dinner or something, but this year we're

College Wardrobe Essentials

The absolute hardest part of packing for college is figuring out what clothes to pack. If you’re moving to the other side of the country or even just a few hours away you have absolutely no idea what you’re gonna wanna wear everyday once you get to this new environment.

About a year ago I began searching Pinterest for the best college packing list. Once I found the perfect one I felt like I had to buy everything on it or I wouldn’t be prepared for college. But buying all that stuff didn't help me prepare, it just cluttered up my dorm. Here are four trendy dorm purchases you shouldn't buy, and what you should bring instead.