Preparing for Sophomore Year Move-In

Sophomore year is two weeks away! I cannot believe it.  I feel like just yesterday I was touring colleges excited about the future, but nervous to leave my high school bubble.  Now I'm anxiously waiting to return to campus.  

I've started preparing to return to school (mostly because I just can't wait to be back), and it's been so much easier than last year!  After living in a dorm for so long I now feel like I know what I should pack, how I should pack it, and what I really don't need to bring. 

| Backpacks > Tote Bags | 

When I went to my all-girls high school I used a purse for my school bag, and every other time of the year.  So last year, in addition to my backpack, I brought 5 tote bags, and 2 cross body purses. I now know that that was completely unnecessary.  If I ever used a purse, I put one thing in it. There was no need for all those tote bags!  I plan to bring one or two smaller purses with me this year. I will also be investing in a larger backpack.  My beloved black north face backpack was just too small for everything I needed to carry. 

| Leggings are necessary |

This year will also be the year I invest in more leggings.  I love love love lululemon leggings. Their really the only leggings I'll wear (aside from a few old favorites).  But last year I only brought two pair thinking I would probably wear real pants more often.  Again, I was wrong.  Leggings are the northeastern college girl's uniform. Literally. I am budgeting to buy 3 or four more pair of basic colored leggings from the lululemon outlet store before I return to school. 

| Purge, Purge, Purge |

I just recently invested in the app Stylebook to help me with this task.  I brought so many clothes last fall to college that when I was packing to go home, realized I hadn't even unfolded let alone wore most of them.  Lay out everything you think you want to take to college and ask yourself some questions.  When will you wear this? How often do you wear it now? Is it appropriate for the climate of your college? Is it a useless t-shirt from high school? is it ripped or stained? Does it fit? 

Don't take anything that doesn't fit in hopes of eventually fitting into it.  It'll never happen. 

| Plastic Bins | 

When you pack for college don't use cardboard boxes.  Instead, invest in some plastic bins and space bags.  I space bagged all of my clothes that I was hanging and putting into my built-in wardrobe at school to save space in my car and lighten the load.  But I didn't use plastic bins. 

how funny is this picture of my roommate, friends and I's first time going to target at college?

how funny is this picture of my roommate, friends and I's first time going to target at college?

This year I will be buying as many bins as I can because I didn't realize how much dead space there was in my dorm that I could've used for storage.  My 15 pairs of shoes were always everywhere; so I'll be buying a bin just for them, and packing my shoes in it for the journey.  Same goes for my extra sheets and towels, you'll always need a place to keep them. 

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