The Spark Notebook!

This past weekend while I was doing some blog research I stumbled upon this handy dandy new notebook prototype: The Spark Notebook.  This notebook is kind of revolutionary. Now I love the day designer, and I will be using that for my day-to-day planning and goal setting for my daily life next year, but for a blogger, a second planner is kind of necessary. And this one is perfect! 

 photo from  here

photo from here

Everything is undated, so It's great for people like me who sometimes get to busy to update their planner, because you can just jump right back into using it without wasting pages (or money!) Plus it has so much more than just monthly/weekly/daily calendars, it has everything someone who is running a blog, business, writing a book, or doing any major project other than academic. 

One thing I notice that my blogger friends and I love is colorful pens. But the problem with most planners is that the ink bleeds or runs through the page. But the paper in this well-bound notebook is bleed-proof. 

After using the free printable pages I was emailed (which you can get too just by giving them a shout-out on social media) I kind of fell in love. As a struggling college student I can't afford t pledge the $25 it costs to get the full, physical notebook, but once I can you can bet that I will be ordering and doing a full test-drive.