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Back on Campus

The first week of my freshman year I may have been the only one who was not homesick; and I didn't feel homesick until our laundry room in the basement flooded (for the first time).  But this year is different.  When I was at home I actually made attempts to spend time with my parents - because I actually wanted to. Weird, I know.  My relationship with all of my parents (child of divorce) strengthened this past summer, and it was a lot tougher to leave. 

This week has been horrible. I've been so behind in all my school work because it's the first round of mid-terms. I've been studying non-stop and I feel like my head is about to explode! Mid-terms to me are way worse than finals. Why? Because you have no class during finals. You literally just have to focus on studying for finals during finals week. But not for mid-terms. 

My Library Necessities

Its midterm season. Cue the exhausted sigh... now. I feel like I've moved into the library at this point, and oddly enough, I don't mind it. My school library has a little coffee shop in it called "The Procrastination Station". It sounds like a place you wouldn't get any work done but it's become the place where I'm my most productive (and like a second home.)