Mid-Term Meltdown

This week has been horrible. I've been so behind in all my school work because it's the first round of mid-terms. I've been studying non-stop and I feel like my head is about to explode! Mid-terms to me are way worse than finals. Why? Because you have no class during finals. You literally just have to focus on studying for finals during finals week. But not for mid-terms. 

Surviving Midterm Meltdowns

I have two/three rounds of mid-terms this semester and they're going to be the death of me. I have so much homework, so much studying, so many club meetings and so much stress this week. Then it hit me: I'm not alone. Everyone is feeling this much stress! Just knowing that made me feel better, and it also made me want to share what I'm doing to de-stress this week. 

If you're going through mid-terms, or are about to, I am not going to tell you to take a deep breath. So many people have told me that this week and it's driving me crazy! Instead I'm going to tell you to freak out! Getting super stressed with school makes me really want to organize everything, control everything, and scream. So guess what? I did all of those things. I completely ripped my dorm apart and reorganized it, and I Swiffered everything! (I swear I love my Swiffer more than my laptop sometimes) And I completely scheduled my day down to the minute. And I screamed walking back from my car. 

Having my complete freak out oddly made me less stressed. Instead of 'breathing' and 'trying to relax' I did what I felt I had to do, and it made it easier to sleep without waking up every two seconds. Knowing I'm organized, that I have a schedule and screaming let me relax. 

If you're freaking out and are super stressed, do what you need to do, freak out! It's ok! It's normal! And it may just make you feel better. 

Now I'm going to say something very cliche: It will get better. I'm through with two of my four exams this week but I already feel so much better. 

Happy Stressing



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