The Truth About Blogging in College

I'll admit it. I was entranced into the world of blogging by seeing bloggers get tons of free things and always looking beautiful while simultaneously getting a 4.0 or having a job, and maintaining pristine relationships. I quickly found out that this wasn't always the case, but I fell in love with it anyway. 

I've learned through the blogging world that it's all about being yourself. I don't want my blog to become the generic preppy blog that I see so many of, so I strive to always be myself on this site. Part of that is saying that blogging, especially in college, is no easy task. It's hard work. You have to learn to plan and schedule posts (even if that's not your style), and you have to try and not miss important deadlines or get too stressed out. It also means that I want to show what bloggers (or at least me) look like on a normal day. No I don't always wear 5 bracelets, my nails are not always perfect, I almost never wear jeans, and sweatshirts and oversized sweaters are a huge part of my daily wardrobe.  

Blogging in college is not all negative. I love taking an hour or so out of my day to work on my site. It relaxes me and gives me an outlet to speak my mind. It connects me with wonderful people all around the country and world! 

I am currently writing an eBook about all the benefits, downsides, and some tips for blogging in college to answer any and all questions my lovely readers have or have already asked about what this experience is like. It should be available before the New Year! Comment below with anything you'd like to see in this book!