Sick, Un-Organized, and all tired out.

It's official.

I've been in college for 2 and a half months and I've been sick twice. I woke up one morning this past weekend and I knew I was getting sick, so today I made an appointment with my school's Health Services and went it to confirm what I already knew: I had strep throat. Normally it wouldn't be that bad, I'd just spend a little extra time in bed and maybe skip a lecture and email my teacher. Too bad I have two 4-5 page papers due this week. 

The second I felt that little soreness in my throat I knew my week was going to be tough, and I was going to have little to no motivation to do anything. So I started planning. 

My boyfriend came up to visit me this weekend for our anniversary (aww), but this didn't stall my productiveness. One of the papers I have to write is for micro-economics required a topic approval (which I got 4 days late) and a quote from someone involved in politics or the micro-economic topic we were writing about. So to begin my paper I decided to email the City Councilor, that I worked for for two years, from my hometown about getting in contact with someone from the public school committee for my paper. I got my interview with her and formulated my notes and outline for my paper. 

When my boyfriend left I decided to do a deep clean of my room which included reorganizing all of my drawers and putting away all my summer clothes. My mom came to visit me with her wife, Shelly, on Sunday and took me out to North Hampton, which is a little town outside of Amherst. I had been there before but it's still so cute to walk around and go into all the little quirky shops. 

Weekends can be for exploring, taking day-cations and taking a break from your daily life to see or do something new. Sometimes you need them to get yourself organized. But if you never take a day or two off to to do something you love you'll eventually get stressed out. So go out and have a little fun on the weekends! 




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