Blogger Spotlight

So for some reason my scheduled posts are not posting on time. I am so sorry this is a day late! Ok, onto my spotlight this week!

I was introduced to this blog through my friend, manager, and fellow blogger Mandy from The Quirky Conservative. The blog is called Practically Imperfect and is written by Hannah Payne. 

The more I read Hannah's blog the more I feel like she was made for blogging! She has a knack for writing content and her photos are always on point. My favorite part of reading any blog is feeling like I'm getting to know the person who's writing it, so reading this blog is always great since she does such an amazing job wiring in her own voice. 

For only having been blogging since August, Hannah is on her way to taking the blogging world by storm!

Don't miss her interview with Meaghan O'Connor, assistant to Seventeen Magazine's Editor-and-Cheif!