Layers upon Layers

Layers upon Layers

My favorite thing about fall is layering. I love to layer in every outfit I wear, even if it's sweats, I still find a way. But for some reason people are afraid of layering! Layering is the simplest thing to do when you want to look fabulous, but also be comfy and warm at the same time. 

Before I give my tips for the perfect layering I want to address some apprehensions I've heard, and have felt personally about layering. Growing up I never wanted to layer my clothing because I always worried that I looked fat. There I said it. The one word you're never supposed to say: fat. I'm not going to be politically correct about it, because I'm not one for sugar-coating information.  One of the things women, and especially girls, worry about all the time is being fat, and that gets in the way of girls and women being themselves, and dressing how they want to dress. Fashion, and style, is about self expression! Not dressing to please others. One day I looked in the mirror and decided that I liked what I was wearing, and I didn't care how anyone else perceived me. Layering was one of the first clothing styles I was most afraid of, but it was also the one that made me break out of my shell. 

The first thing I ever layered was a cream colored sweater over a denim shirt from J.Crew. I was on my way to the mall and was so nervous that I looked like a cow, but I went anyways. And you know what? People complimented me! Strangers! (That was probably the best part because you know they weren't just saying it to make you feel better lie family and friends.) That's when I decided To wear what I want, and layer all the time! 

One of my favorite looks for fall now is a flow-y shirt with and even flow-y-er and oversized cardigan, and sometimes my trench coat. You may be thinking that that's a lot of flow-y going on, but there are some tips to making the over flow-y top work. 

Step 1.: Wear tight pants/leggings

Having a slim bottom makes pairing layers that much easier. It allows the focus to be not he flow and not on too many different parts. 

Step 2.: Wear tight boots or ankle boots.

Preferably in the same color as your pants or a neutral color. Keeping the focus on the top is the point, so having your shoes either almost out of site or muted is the key.

Step 3: A statement necklace. 

In the fall I love wearing warm natural colors, and a sparkly necklace is the perfect touch! But I still keep it simple, with little to no color in the necklace: just glittery awesomeness. 

My advice to anyone who is worried about layering is to stop it!! Be yourself! If you want to try it try it. The only person standing in your way is you, so go for it girl.

You're beautiful!



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