Planning for Spring Semester

Planning for Spring Semester

Spring semester is fast approaching. And after finding out our grades from fall I know a lot of us, regardless of our GPAs, need and want to do a lot better next semester. But no matter how much we want to do better it can be hard finding the motivation to really apply yourself.

I've put together some of my best tips on how to plan for a better spring semester!

How to plan for a better spring semester

| Go to Staples | 

My mom always makes fun of me for my love of Staples, but there's a reason for it. When I go to Staples, or the school section at Target, and just walk around I get more motivated to get organized and ready because of all the cute little supplies that are there to help.

I suggest going to Staples to look and Target to buy. Being in Staples can give more motivation, because you can't wander to the clothing section like you can in Target. But Target is cheaper for certain things!

Here are some of the things I picked up on my trip to Staples and Target:

Planning for Spring Semester

I got smaller notebooks because a lot of lecture hall have small desks and I found it better to have a smaller notebook so that I could also fit my coffee on the desk ;) 

The file folder is from the dollar section at Target (score!). And I added a touch of Washi tape to all three items. 

| Go on Pinterest |

Whenever I get in a rut about anything or start to lose my motivation for something, I go on Pinterest. Just searching about the topic I'm stuck on instantly gets me more motivated. Looking at all of the advice that everyone on Pinterest has to give me is so exciting, it makes me want to be in class taking notes right then. (ok not really, but you get the point) 

Here are some of my favorite posts from Pinterest:

College Assignment Organization - 

College Assignment Organization - 

Intense Study Tips - The College Prepster 

Intense Study Tips - The College Prepster 

| When Breaks Over, so is the Party |

Now I'm not a partier. Several times during the last semester My parents called me on a Friday or Saturday night hoping to catch me at a party. But I was busy with math homework, Chinese food, or some blog updates. 

But one of the biggest causes of a first semester slump is because so many kids feel free for the first time. They want to go out every night, drink on a Wednesday, and skip their 8 AM because no ones there to make them go. If this was you last semester than make the vow (and stick to it) to cut the partying down. Make going out the reward for finishing your assignments, or getting ahead on a big project. 

| Make you own New Semester Resolutions | 

Giving yourself some personal guidelines for you next semester can really help. How discouraging is it when you set a goal for yourself and fall short? I know overtime I do that, no matter how small, I feel bad about myself. 

Well this can be an advantage! Don't disappoint yourself! 

Check back here on Friday for some more tips on setting new semester resolutions {+ a free printable!}

Happy Planning! 



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