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As you may know I'm addicted to planning. My obsession with planners has reached an all time high. I think I was using four or five at once at one point last semester. So to say I've used a lot of different types of planners would be an understatement. 

Since this is the time of year that most people who didn't go into 2015 with a designated planner in mind, I decided to review some of my favorite ones of 2014. 

How to find your perfect planner
Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Review

This is the agenda that I used the second half of my senior year in high school. I loved the colors and fun little designs all throughout the planner, plus the stickers made it feel more unique. 

The monthly breakout portion of the calendar is perfect for organizing school assignments and activities, and the weekly breakout is amazing for jotting down class assignments and "to-do's". 

As much as I love this agenda I would not recommend it for anything other than one single purpose. When I had it I only used it for school and to write down what days of the week I had work, but that's it. And it did that job amazingly, but I feel like it's far to small and cluttered to manage what I do now, which is run a blog and business, go to school, and manage different aspects of multiple clubs. 

|| Martha Stewart Disc Bound Notebook ||

Martha Stewart Disc Bound Notebook Review

The one thing I absolutely loved this agenda is because it's large and completely customizable. I rarely used the monthly breakout of this agenda but the weekly view was amazing. I planned my schedule and jotted my appointments and assignments in the weekly view. I also added extra notebook pages to the back of my agenda and used them as a meeting planner for my clubs meetings.

Learn more about how I used this agenda to stay organized every day here!  

This was a pretty fun planner. It wasn't very heavy duty, and definitely should not be you're only planner if you have a lot going on, or a lot of stuff to plan. I kept this one in my purse and used it mostly to remember appointments and to keep my daily "to-do's" in since it was so light and flexible. 

If you follow May Designs on Instagram you may be able to grab this planner for only $8.00! They're always having great sales!

and finally... 

|| The Day Designer ||

Day Designer Review

I have wanted this planner for months! back in September I tweeted on the opening day for Day Designer purchases that I "wished someone would buy me the #DayDesigner" and you know what? Someone did! Aleysa from Alesya Bags ordered me my own Day Designer. When I asked why she said: "because no one asks for help anymore, no one asks for what they want or need, and there are people out there willing to help." 

Needless to say I was honored and so excited to be receiving my own personal Day Designer!

Now I just started using it this past week, so I'm not super fluent with it just yet, but I already love it. Going from using pretty much just weekly-based planners to a daily one is going to take some adjustment, but it is so user friendly that I feel like I'll get used to it super quickly. 

This is a heavy-duty planner: for experienced organizers only! Well, ok not really, but this planner is definitely not just for tracking homework. It is a literal day designer, capable of covering pretty much every aspect of not only your daly life, but you're ultimate goals and desires and resolutions for the year!  

Happy Planing 



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