Fall Haul

Fall Haul

Fall is my favorite time of year! I love everything about it: the smell of the crisp air, the color of the changing leaves, the hot apple cider and going to football games (even though I never know what's going on.) But my favorite part about fall is the fashion. 

I love looking at high fashion, but my personal style is pretty comfortable, I love leggings and I'm not afraid to say it, so it's safe to say that my fall fashion is pretty cozy. Last week during my outlet shopping excursion, I picked up some basics that every girl needs for the fall.

I'll break down my fall haul by store: 


As I've said before I love outlet shopping, sale shopping, consignment shopping, really any kind of shopping that's going to give me a deal, and the J.Crew Factory store is definitely the best place to get just that. Now, I've had people (friends) say that they can get the same sweater at Old Navy that I got at J.Crew for "half the price," but that isn't always true. The factory store typically has an ongoing sale of most items that can be anywhere between 20-40%, sometimes more, add on top of that a student ID (if you have one) and you get 25% extra off of your entire purchase. If you don't have a college student ID don't worry, if you have a parent who's a teacher, nurse or who has a J.Crew Card you can still get the discount. So don't freak out over buying slightly more expensive clothing, because it may actually be cheaper, and it will definitely last you longer than that 5 dollar sweater. 

Ok, now onto the Haul! 

As you can tell I love sweaters, they're definitely my favorite part of fall. Being able to throw on a cardigan with riding boots and look cute, and comfy, without too much effort, is amazing. 

You may be looking at these items and thinking that I must've spent at least $500.00 if I got this all at J.Crew, but It actually was only about $225.00. The most expensive part was the vest ($88.00) because it was exempt from the discounts, but every girl needs a good vest. 


I got two pairs of these rolled, curvy fit, skinnys from Gap for $40.00 a pair. They fit amazingly. For a girl who hates jeans, I know I'm going to love these. Finding jeans that fit is the difference between a love or a hate relationship with them. 


At the Loft outlet I picked up my essentials: plaint white T's, some patterned scarves (also a fall favorite of mine), and a basic grey cardigan with just a little bit of sparkles, of course. 

Tip for shopping: don't be afraid to flash your student ID, you never know what kind of program each store has or doesn't have unless you ask; and typically outlets will give a higher percentage off for student ID or teacher's discounts. 

Happy Shopping! 



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