College Countdown

In less than two weeks I will be officially moved into my first college dorm room. Each day feels like an eternity because I keep counting down the days. I almost feel like it's not actually happening, like I've been anticipating this for so long that it's surreal that it's actually here. Even though I'm staying in state, I feel like it'll be forever before I can go to some of my favorite places, so I've decided to soak up the most of Massachusetts.

Today I went to a Red Sox game with my mom, and even though they were losing miserably by the 7th inning and we left, it was still nice to be surrounded by so many enthusiastic bostonians (and Matthew Mcconaughey was there! cue the fan-girling now.)  And when I got there I saw that one of my high school friends was throng the first pitch! So jealous. 

This adorable bridal party made shirts saying Bride, Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor. Definitely one of the cutest things I've seen. 

 The Green Monstah 

The Green Monstah 

After the game we walked Newbury Street, which is basically like Boston's version of 5th Avenue, one of my favorite things to do; and on the way home we got lasagna from my favorite little Italian restaurant in my hometown. 

Even though the next two-ish weeks are going to be my business this summer, with work, family, and my boyfriend, plus all the stuff I still need for college, spending time checking out my favorite places is definitely a great stress reliever. 

What would/did/will you guys do before you left/leave for college?