The Best Products for a Busy Morning

Most mornings while I'm at school I find myself running out of my room makeup-less and just feeling sloppy. Before I started at college I would go to bed at 9:30 and wake up at 6. I loved waking up early, eating breakfast, and having time to through a little make-up on my face before I went to school or work. And I swore to myself I was going to keep my schedule like that in college.

the best products for a busy morning

Well college doesn't really allow for that. My building gets especially noisy at night. Now I can sleep through anything, so noise isn't the problem, but I stay up later now so I don't miss something or so I can hang out with my friends or do homework. But when I'm walking around campus without getting at least my face put together I feel so weird. I just feel dirtier for some reason (even if I just showered!). But this semester, with the help of a couple tools, I don't think I'll have that problem again.

| Dry Bar Dry Shampoo |

I got the mini version of this dry shampoo at Sephora on my birthday ( about a month ago ) and I'm always out. I am truly sad that I'm about to run out because this has been my favorite dry shampoo so far. It smells like the iconic Dry Bar scent, it feels like it actually removes grease from my hair instead of covering it, and it even adds a little oomph to my curls. 

I find myself putting some in my hair even if its not greasy just for a little added volume! This is the perfect dry shampoo for those days where I wake up too late to shower before class but I don't want to look like a completely hobo.

$12.00 - mini can

$22.00 - full sized can

| Naked Pallet |

I LOVE neutral eye makeup. I've never been a huge fan of colored eye shadow, and the one time I tried to use it I epically failed (picture a thirteen year old girl with bright blue circles around her eyes). I had wanted a Naked Pallet for so long and I finally splurged on it for my birthday since I had a Sephora gift card. This pallet is great because you can easily throw on a base shadow in the morning then transform it into a night look with the darker, more shimmery, colors in the pallet.

If you don't feel ready to splurge just yet try the Naked2 Basics or this Sephora eye shadow set. I've used both and love them!

$54.00 - Naked Pallet

$29.00 - Naked2 Basics

| Sephora Foundation |

I haven't tried every foundation in the world, but I really don't want to because I love this one! I originally decided to purchase it because I knew that as long as Sephora existed they would always have their own brand, but it's perfect! I have oily, and also dry, skin so finding products is tough.

I decided that before I buy another product I wanted someone to teach me HOW to put it on. So one day about a year ago I sat in Sephora and had my makeup professionally done. It looked and felt amazing! I ended up buying  [most] of the products they used.  It cost about $150 but it's lasted me a whole year. Makeup is something I'm definitely willing to invest in because I wear it almost everyday. I stopped buying my foundation from drug stores because I had to use a lot of it to work and it always caused me to break out!

So every morning I put my Neutrogena daily moisturizer then I use a plain old triangle makeup sponge and two pumps of foundation and just lightly pat it on my face until I'm completely covered. Sometimes Ill throw a little setting powder or bronzer on but the foundation is usually all I need!  

$20.00 - Sephora Foundation 

| Revlon Hair Straightener |

I love using 1" hair straighteners! I've been using my Revlon one for a while it's pretty good, but I really want to get this one from Dry Bar.

My one piece of advice for hair straighteners is no matter what brand you get, if you have wavy/straight hair like I do then get a thin one! With a thin one you can straighten, curl and define waves. But if you have very coarse/curly hair go with a thick flat iron so that your hair stays smooth in the  straightening process.

When I get up in the morning  I turn on my flat iron (using a fold out iron board as a heat protectant) and start getting ready. By the time I have my foundation and mascara on  my iron is heated and ready to go. If I'm in a huge rush I'll quickly run the iron through it just to get the frizz out. But if I have a little more time I usually curl some waves into it. 

$14.99 - Revlon Hair Straightener 

What are your most loved products for busy mornings?



*this post was not sponsored by any of the featured brands. I received no compensation for this post and all of my opinions are my own. 

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