Living with Your First Roommate

Though-out my entire senior year all I was excited for was college. I was scouring Pinterest reading all about dorm décor and everything me and my new roommate could do together. Roommates on Pinterest are like  fairytale prince charming's. They're your best friend, have the exact same taste as you and are the same shoe size!

You're probably thinking that I'm about to tell you it's nothing like that, and you're first roommate's going to be horrible, but I'm not!  I'm going to tell you about the two different roommate experiences I've had this year, and some not-so-great stories.

Living with your first roommate

| The Perfect Roommate |

My first semester of my freshman year I was definitely blessed in the roommate department.  We were [almost] the same size in everything, everything she brought to the room matched what I had bought, and we seemed to agree on everything.

We did everything together: breakfast/lunch/dinner, studying at the library, watching Netflix, cooking, shopping, you name it. And we never got too sick of each other. It was the picture perfect college experience.

{ dealing with The Perfect  Roommate }

Now if you get just as blessed as I was and become BFFs right off the bat with your first roommate, don't think there aren't some things you have to deal with. If you start to spend as much time as I spent with my old roommate chances are you're going to start craving alone time.

Since we liked each other, and spent most of the day together, I almost never got the chance to be alone in our room. We shared friends, so it's not like one of us would really go hang out with them without the other, and we hadn't really found our clubs yet, so after class it was straight back to the room.

Make sure you give each other space. Take an hour or two every other day and go to the library or the gym, and as that she do the same. You'll be thanking yourselves for it in the end.

| The Comfortable Roommate |

My second semester of my freshman year my Perfect Roommate told me she wasn't going to be returning to campus in the spring. As disappointed as I was I knew it was probably what would be best so I could focus more on academics.

My new roommate moved in about two weeks into school. Sadly her stuff did not match mine, and were not the same shoe size, but I'm still very happy! She has her own friends and her own life. She's super neat, so I never have to worry about the room being disgusting, and we get along.

I call this The Comfortable Roommate because even though we get along, we don't feel like we have to hang out all the time. We each get our alone time in the room and have something to talk about when we are together.

{dealing with The Comfortable Roommate }

The biggest thing you have to do with a Comfortable Roommate is respect their space. With my Perfect Roommate I would easily use something of hers or eat her food because I knew we were comfortable enough to do that. But even if you and your Comfortable Roommate have made it clear you're O.K. about sharing, you should still ask. It's polite and they know that you have respect for their stuff.

But respecting their space isn't just about their physical property. If you're listening to music or watching Netflix and your roommate comes in you should put on headphones, or ask if having it on is O.K. You never know if they have homework or if they were hoping to get to watch a show too.

| The Nightmare Roommate |

My new roommate came from having one of these. Nightmare Roommates are a college girl's biggest fear. They're the roommate that is inconsiderate, sloppy, mean, or all of the above. Getting stuck with one of these can make your college life really suck.

{ dealing with The Nightmare Roommate }

Sit down with your RA! If you have a serious problem with your roommate then that's what your RA is there for.  They are supposed to act as a mediator in those situations, so that you can feel comfortable talking about your problems.

If the problem gets too bad then consider switching housing. My new roommate just moved from the floor above me, and she says its already made such a difference in her college experience.

New Roommate Checklist

How have you felt with your roommate? 



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