Day in the Life: Classes

Happy February!!

Second semester is now in full swing! This is always my favorite time of the semester: early enough where the workload is still fairly light, but you’re a couple weeks in so you have a good routine going.  

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days I have most of my classes on, and today you’ll be getting a glimpse of what those days look like for #xocollegelife!

At UMass most second semester Sophomores and Upperclassmen don’t have class on Fridays (I am one of those lucky people!), and on Mondays I don't have class until 4pm, then I have Executive Board and General Body meetings for the Women in Business club I belong too. { + I have one 6:30 - 9:30 pm class on Wednesdays.}

Taking five classes is definitely hard, but I’m someone who loves being busy! On the days I have huge chunks of free time (Monday + Friday) I’m still up, dressed, and being productive by 8am. Those are the days I get the bulk of my homework and prep for the blog done. Getting into a routine is something that’s really helping me find my peace here on campus!

What are your daily schedules like?



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Surviving Second Semester

Surviving Second Semester