White Sneaker Obsession

Something about 2017 has comepletely shifted my taste. I used to be the person who obsessed over black everything, and especially black shoes. But for some reason this year I am obsessed with white! 

It all started second semester (March 6th, to be specific) when my black nike running sneakers were stolen. No idea who took them or where but March 6th was the last day I saw them. I actually put up a "Missing Person, Last Seen on March 6th" sign in my apartment kitchen for them hoping one of my roommates had accidentilly grabbed them and they'd find there way back to me, but I was saddly mistaken. 

Once I accepted my favorite black running snealers were out of my life, I started realizing I'd have to buy a new pair, but that's when I started finding myself wanting white Nikes more than black. Then, before I knew it, I was pining over every white sneaker I saw, Adidas, Vans, even the $15 random ones at Target. I became obsessed. 

I decided to wait and see if it was just a phase before purchasing, and have officially decided it's not a phase. I'm obsessed, and I like it. 

The three sneakers I decided to induldge on are White Adidas Superstars, White Faux Snakeskin Slip on Vans, and White Nike Frees.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen on my story the $35 all white Adidas NEO sneakers my mom found at Marshall's. (UHM for $35, I'll take it!) They look almost identical to the superstars and they're more than half the price!

I'm heading to my local outlet mall at the end of the month to pick up the Nike's and Vans', but I'm already excited about these new white editions to my wardrobe! Now If only I had some of the items from my Workout Wardrobe Wishlist, I'd have some serious all white outfits going on. 

What color have you been obsessing over this summer?