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Preparing for Finals

My freshman year I was so done and tired and I felt like I had had a cold for 3 months that I barely  prepared for finals. I studied, but I didn't prepare, and I didn't do well. I didn't know how. Preparing physically and mentally for finals helps make studying for finals so much less stressful!

How I Study

Going into my third year of college I've finally perfected how I study. Developing a study technique for college can take a while, you have to decide what works best for you. That's why I titled this post "How I Study" and not "How to Study". 

School Supplies

I'm one of those people who love getting new school supplies. Not just in a small way, in a 'I walk around staples for fun making notes about what I should get for next semester months ahead of time' way.

A Guide to Stress Free Finals

For whatever reason, all-nighters have become popular around my college campus. It's becoming almost cool to have more all-nighters under your belt than the person next to you! I don't know who started this trend, but I am so against it, it hurts. 

If I've learned one thing this past year in college it's that planning ahead is everything.  I am not taking any summer classes, but this summer I will be studying - a lot.  In high school getting A's came easy to me; I didn't have to do much work, and I always seemed to grasp concepts easily.  But college is a whole other ball game. 

My life for the past two weeks has been nothing but school work, studying, more school work, actual work, and making sure I got to sleep and eat in between those times. Let me tell you, a study break is very necessary sometimes.