School Supplies

School Supplies

I officially move back to UMass in 10 days! Oh my gosh, this summer has gone by so fast, and these last few weeks have been so hectic. But this is my favorite time of the year! 

I'm one of those people who love getting new school supplies. Not just in a small way, in a 'I walk around staples for fun making notes about what I should get for next semester months ahead of time' way.

After attempting to use binders my freshman year, and attempting to just type my notes sophomore year, I finally found my perfect middle ground: 1 notebook with a built in folder for each class and all my notes typed into Google Drive to help make study guides easier.  

| 5 White Notebooks | 

I've heard of some people buying one five subject notebook for all of their classes, but I like to be able to lend my friends a notebook and only bring what I need to the library. Last semester I got 5 heavy duty wooden/cardboard type notebooks that were great but super heavy, so I decided to get the standard staples brand ones for this semester in white, because you know ~aesthetic~.

| Gel Pens and 6 Colored Highlighters and White Out | 

I only use black pens to write notes for class, but I have a set of 12 colored pens that I use literally just to color code my assignments agenda. I assign each class a color and use that color highlighter for my notes and textbooks. 

White out is a necessity because I just can't use pencil in my agenda, it feels to weird. Maybe I'm crazy. 

| Day Designer for Blue Sky |

As you may know, I love my Day Designer, it's basically my life and it comes everywhere with me, but I hate filling it with every little assignment for school then note having room for my to-do lists. So I bought a second one from Blue Sky just for my assignments and academic to-do lists. This allows me to keep my personal/work Day Designer on my desk. 

| Adorable Sugar Paper LA for Target Things | 

Because why not. I always use little binder clip and paper clips but the fact that they come in these cute little jars is too perfect. I also loved this 'oops' eraser. Having cute desk accessaries always gives me a little more motivation to get work done. 

What are your go-to school supplies?



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