Campus Necessities with Babbleboxx

Campus Necessities with Babbleboxx

As you may know next Thursday I leave for my junior year of college and I couldn't be more excited! The last few weeks before I leave to head back to school are always hectic, but they're arguably my favorite few weeks of the year. I love getting new supplies and finding fun things for my apartment.

A few weeks ago BabbleBoxx reached out to me about a Campus Shevival kit: basically it was a super cute {care package-esque} box filled with fun things every girl needs for college.


When I found out I was getting this camera I was PUMPED! If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm not-so-subtly obsessed with ~aesthetic~ pics, and the cute vintage-y look of these intent pics from the INSTAX will help me up my Instagram game and even help me decorate my new apartment. 

I have a big DSLR camera, but I almost never take it out because I don't want to break it, so I take most of my photos on my iPhone, but I'm planning on bringing this fun camera around in my backpack this semester. The sense on this camera is shockingly cool. When I first turned it on I was not expecting what I saw: the lense automatically adjusted for each of the different settings, including a selfie setting #moreselfiesplease.

| Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula FlipBlams |

Round chapsticks were the trend of 2015, but I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother abandoned the trend after the first time dropping their chapstick or losing the cap. But I think we can all agree we still love the round chapstick even with the flaws. 

When I first opened the FlipBalm's I thought they were just like every other chapstick, but they're so different and SO COOL! The cap literally flips open and closed, so if you drop it it will close, and you'll never lose the cap! I've had two in my purse for two weeks now and nothing has happened to them. I swear it's the longest I've ever owned one chapstick. If any chapstick can survive in my backpack I think this one is it. 

| Simply Sensitive Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths |

I actually have used this and every other Summer's Eve product before. I love all things Summer's Eve. I keep the regular pack of wipes in my bathroom at all times and these little packs in my backpack, gym bag, and purse. If you're going to buy one thing to carry with you everywhere: buy these! Seriously. 

| GreenPan Mini Ceramic Non-Stick Square Eqq Pan | 

Oh my gosh. This pan looks so cool. I think I've said cool 23 times so far, but everything in this box is cool.

The Square GreenPan is one of those non-stick pans, but the cool part is it's tiny and square shaped! Why is this cool? Because it's the perfect sized pan to make eggs for egg sandwiches! (and grilled cheese, and french toast and a ton of other yummy things - they sent a cookbook!)

Now that I'm living in an apartment I'll be cooking most of my meals, so this will come in very handy, but even when I lived in a dorm, I used the communal kitchen to cook meals on the weekend all the time.  

They're also offering a back to school promotion: 

  • 8/14 – 9/4
  • 20% off
  • Free Shipping
  •  Promo Code: SCHOOL20

| Zebra Pen Assortment | 

PENS! I love pens, and colorful pens, and just pens of all kinds. Zebra sent 4 types of pens:

  • Sarasa Gel pens featuring our Rapid Dry Ink technology
  • Z-Grip Plus Ballpoint pens featuring our smoothest low-viscosity ballpoint ink
  • H-301 Steel Highlighter, which is part of our core Steel line of products
  • F-301 BCA, which is a Breast Cancer Awareness pink barrel decorated steel ballpoint with black ink

I pretty much love them all and they will come in very handy when I decide halfway through the semester to start color coding my agenda. But Ballpoint pens are my absolute favorite type of pens so the Z-Grip's were my favorite of the bunch!

Have you found any fun new things for campus this year? 



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