Blogger Spotlight

Happy Halloween my lovely readers! 

Lately I've been moving away from just reading established blogs that have thousands of daily readers because they've been blogging for years, or blogger's who are "famous" in our little online community, and it's been pretty amazing! I've found so many new bloggers who have such amazing talent and should be showcased for their ability to write such good content, or have an incredible design, or both, and be so new to the blogging community. So every Friday in November (and today) I'll be showcasing a new and fabulous blogger. Think of it as New-Blog-November and I'm challenging all of you to branch out and read new blogs, you may just find a new favorite! 

My blogger spotlight for today is Marissa from Makin' it with Marissa. I discovered her blog through my blog! I noticed she had followed me on my social media accounts ad was commenting on some of my posts and Instagram photos, so obviously I had to check out her blog, and I fell in love! The design is so simple and adorable, plus she has a killer knack for fonts!

(check out her post on free fonts here) 

I was so surprised when I clicked on her link for the main reason that her blog wasn't like everyone that I had seen before. It wasn't the stereotypical preppy blog or fashion blog. It was refreshing. Someone who is blogging about what they want, how they want, without identifying with a known niche. I want to make my own niche of bloggers like this. If I was in California right now I'd be having coffee with her, not just getting her "Coffee with Marissa" emails (that all of you should sign up for).

To all of you bloggers stuck in a rut with writers block, or thinking that you should just give up blogging because you lost inspiration, go out and find new blogs to read. Not new 'established' blogs. Blogs that are newer that are only there because the persona starting it loves to to what they do. That's where you'll find your passion and inspiration again.