Gift Guide for Bloggers

Gift Guide for Bloggers

Looking for a fabulous gift for the blogger in your life? Look no further. 

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Bloggers are pretty easy to shop for. We love books and pretty things. But if you're still unsure what to get your blogger friend (or daughter ;) ) Here are some little, bigger, and super big gift ideas. 


I've never met a blogger who didn't love stationary. Cute notebooks, sticky notes, and blank cards are one of the best things to get a blogger. I love writing snail mail to my blogging friends and I almost always have 2 small, cute, notebooks on me at any given time. 

Cozy Things

Bloggers may spend hours on their computer, writing, reading or editing photos, so comfy clothes are essential. A nice soft grey hoodie or loose sweatpants are perfect for curling up and writing a post. If you want to get extra fancy try having a t-shirt made with your blogger's favorite saying on it! (I'm still looking for one that say "bloggers gonna blog" on it) 

Design Goodies

I know design is a huge part of my blog, and a lot of other bloggers may feel the same way. Getting some great markers or even this fabulous Wacom drawing tablet can make editing or creating your own design so much more fun and easy! Also a super easy design present is a cute (and cheap) tablet stylus. I always find a ton of great ones at Marshall's. 

Some pretty expensive (but awesome) gifts

Ok, so these two are not easily purchased presents. And I definitely would not suggest buying one for your blogger friend, you know unless your dad is Bill Gates or your mom is Oprah. But if you have a daughter who blogs (cough cough parents) and you want to be extra generous this holiday season these two things are great for bloggers. A DSLR camera is great for taking your own pictures. If your not buying these for someone else, but you want to treat yourself to something nice then an iPhone 6's camera is comparable to a cheaper DSLR camera. 

Ok this is the big one, which I don't expect anyone to be getting for just their blog, but an iMac. Laptops are great but the mobility of a laptop also means less storage and they're more susceptible to damage from being brought everywhere. Having a desktop is a great place to sit and work. If you're thinking about blogging for the long haul then eventually invest in a good one.  But an external hard drive can help with the storage issue in the meantime! 

Happy Holidays! 



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