I recently discovered that getting back to being comfortable in my own skin is going to take a little more than just thinking about it and paying for a gym membership.  I started making time for the gym and thinking [a little more] about what I'm putting into my body.  But one thing has always scared me, and that's CrossFit. 

My aunts outdoor CrossFit gym  

My aunts outdoor CrossFit gym  

My mom's brother's family are all into CrossFit and my aunt is even a certified CrossFit trainer.  So when she invited my mom and I to her house for some CrossFit training I figured it would be an easier transition into what CrossFit is really like. It wasn't.

My whole workout was maybe 30 minutes long, but it was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  Getting up and going to work the next day was painful.  

The barn had more equipment in it!  

The barn had more equipment in it!  

If you're looking to get into intense shape with intense people then CrossFit is definitely the place for you.  But I am much more of a slow paced person.  I love yoga and I feel like I would love a barre class, but CrosstFit is not for me.

If anyone in central Massachusetts knows of any barre classes or even any great spin classes I'm looking to try some new group classes to try and make exercise more fun!  




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