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Yoga is something I've always loved.  No matter how crappy my days been, or how much of a headache I've had, or how stressed out I am, yoga always brings me back to a place where I'm happy.  To me getting healthy and in shape isn't about having an ideal body, it's about feeling good; and honestly, I feel AMAZING after yoga! 

I recently discovered that getting back to being comfortable in my own skin is going to take a little more than just thinking about it and paying for a gym membership.  I started making time for the gym and thinking [a little more] about what I'm putting into my body.  But one thing has always scared me, and that's CrossFit. 

Growing up I've always been super picky. All I would eat was pretty much pasta, chicken nuggets, and coca-cola.  I've grown a little bit since then, but not much. Basically the only thing I've changed about my diet is I've cut soda almost completely out. People are constantly telling me how what I eat is super unhealthy, but I never really paid them any mind until recently.