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I recently discovered that getting back to being comfortable in my own skin is going to take a little more than just thinking about it and paying for a gym membership.  I started making time for the gym and thinking [a little more] about what I'm putting into my body.  But one thing has always scared me, and that's CrossFit. 

I've always been a long-time Neutrogena user. I have some weird skin sensitivities and allergies, but Neutrogena has never irritated my skin. One of the biggest things I am allergic to is Tea-Tree Oil, as well as some other plant oils. This sucks because almost every new product being created to help enhance your life in a natural way is being made with Tea-Tree Oil. Then Influenster sent me Neutrogena Naturals Wipes. 

Growing up I've always been super picky. All I would eat was pretty much pasta, chicken nuggets, and coca-cola.  I've grown a little bit since then, but not much. Basically the only thing I've changed about my diet is I've cut soda almost completely out. People are constantly telling me how what I eat is super unhealthy, but I never really paid them any mind until recently. 

Toward the end of my senior year of high school a friend convinced me to go to a heated yoga class with her, and I fell in love. Since yoga's expensive I could only go every once in a while, but after going a couple of times I felt my daily life shifting. I stopped drinking soda, I started eating more fruit, and overall I was living a more healthy lifestyle. 

Most mornings while I'm at school I find myself running out of my room makeup-less and just feeling sloppy. Before I started at college I would go to bed at 9:30 and wake up at 6. I loved waking up early, eating breakfast, and having time to through a little make-up on my face before I went to school or work. And I swore to myself I was going to keep my schedule like that in college.

Growing up I've always had body image issues. But thankfully I've never felt the need to go to drastic measures to change anything. But since the end of my senior year and into my first year at college I've met a lot of people who weren't as lucky as I am. It is from meeting these people that I've learned that I need to learn to love myself. It's not that I'm entirely unhappy with the way I look now, I'm just not confident in my own skin, and I want that to change.

Mid Week pick-me-ups

So it's finals week, and it's a lot less stressful than I had imagined. Especially after my horrendously stressful time last week. But in my down time between studying, exam taking, and presenting, I've found some little things that have given me a little joy and excitement for this holiday season.