Surviving Your First Day of College... Classes

Surviving Your First Day of College... Classes

So you've moved in, unpacked, met friends, went out, explored and had a few days to just enjoy your new life in college; but then you realize tomorrow is your first day of class. Don't panic! Here are some tips on what to do before your first day of classes, and things you should and shouldn't bring with you to the first class: 

Before Class

1.    In the days before class starts try to become familiar with your schools web applications. This includes your school email, the website that you made your schedule on (for UMass it's Spire), and any other web-based application your school may use: for instance, Moodle, a website that stores class syllabi as well as any assignments or notifications. 

2. Take a walk to all your classes. If you have an 8am class and it's across campus (just like my Math class is) then walk from your dorm to your math class a day or two early so you know what time you should leave by so you won't be late. 

3. If your professors have posted their syllabi then read them, print them out, whatever works for you. Knowing exactly what you're going to do and when you're going to do it in regards to academics is something to get used to, but having that knowledge can make your first day of class so much easier.

4. Make sure you have basic school supplies. You need something to write with, something to write on and something to put all your assignments. Check out my post on Study Tip & Tricks and How to Study for some information on finding out what study method works best for you and what supplies you truly need. 

What to Bring 

DO Bring:

  • Laptop/Tablet/or Notebook for taking notes;
  • Pens, or pencils. Regardless of whether you'll be using paper. You will need them for something.
  • A planner or an App on your phone in place of a planner. I recommend iStudiez Pro. 
  • And I alway suggest bringing a snack and a water, but this is personal preference. 

Do NOT Bring:

  • Textbooks. Do not purchase your textbooks until after you receive a syllabus to ensure that you won't be spending money on textbooks that you don't need. 
  • All of the school supplies you bought. Buy a pencil case and bring a little bit of everything. Trust me you do not need 10 highlighters and 3 packs of sticky notes. 

College can be easy if you're prepared. Be ready. 



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