The Pledge Life

Over the summer my best friend from home, Sarah, wrote a fabulous 7-day guest post about her experience rushing a sorority, and today she's back again with more. Except this time is not about rushing, but about her first semester of sorority life, and being a pledge. 

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Hello readers, I’m back! I have loved my time in Gamma Phi Beta since Bid Day in August, but I must say I was not well prepared for all of the things I would need. I have been initiated for about a month now, and after all of things I have needed during pledgeship and other activities I realized I should tell all of y’all so you are well prepared! Below I have put a list together of things every girl who joins a sorority should get.

  •  White dress that covers the shoulders- this is important for rituals or ceremonies of any kind. Typically the shoulders must be covered or just use the 3 finger rule is used. 
  • Black dress- Every girl needs a black dress! Why?! 1.) Everyone looks good in black 2.) Always appropriate for any occasion; can easily dress it up or down 3.) It is the perfect thing to wear to swaps/mixers, date parties etc. Just get cute accessories to match the theme
  • Some type of formal dress- Even if you just reuse a prom dress that’s fine! There are always plenty of fraternity and sorority formals so a nice dress is great to have just in case you meet a cute boy on campus
  • School color dress- A dress with at least one of your school colors is a must. Down south, people dress up for football games almost as much as they dress up for church. Every girl here wears dresses to the games, and the guys wear suits. Stocking up on crimson dresses was a must for me.
  • Random props/accessories- at Alabama, we have swaps every week with a fraternity which are essentially themed parities. If you ever danced and had any random accessories bring them!  Anything neon, american flag, plain white shirts, sports jerseys/state apparel, hippie, or animal print items will definitely come in handy for picking something to wear each week. It's definitely better then having to run to Wal-Mart at 10pm the night before to buy something. 
  • Definitely have a pair of black or nude heels, some cute wedges, and a few cute dresses for other events . Also don’t worry about dressing up all the time. At my school oversized t-shirts and nike shorts are basically the uniform because it is so hot out all the time. My drawer in my dorm is so full of t-shirts I literally have to force it to close. There are just too many cute ones to buy.. from football games, to panhellenic events, to philanthropy fundraisers, and the preppy vineyard vines or southern tide shirts I just can’t help myself!

Roll Tide!